About HGC

Hollie Gazzard Consulting Limited (HGC) is a charitable trading arm of Hollie Gazzard Trust (HGT) working to create awareness of Domestic  Abuse, Coercive Control and Stalking, particularly in the workplace. It enables companies to realise their responsibilities towards their employees and put essential measures in place to help those affected.

HGC began when Nick and his family were propelled into the spotlight following Hollie’s murder and he was regularly invited to speak at conferences, events and to the media. He has developed a variety of training packages and workshops for a variety of organisations and delivers and many conferences around the UK.

This is all supported by the Domestic Homicide Review of Hollie’s murder.

Nick Gazzard – Domestic Abuse & Stalking Campaigner, Motivational Speaker and Hollie Gazzard Trust Founder


When Nick Gazzard’s youngest daughter, Hollie, was murdered at the age of 20, he and his family were determined that their tragic loss should not be in vain. Hollie wasn’t to be just another statistic, but a young woman whose life and horrific death could make a difference to others. United in their grief, strength and courage, the family formed the Hollie Gazzard Trust (HGT).

Nick has built a successful 30-year career within financial services alongside a spell at Cheltenham Town Football Club.  Following the murder of his daughter Hollie by her former partner, in February 2014, he felt strongly that something positive should come out of Hollie’s death and created the Hollie Gazzard Trust. Nick is determined to try and prevent similar tragedies by increasing awareness of domestic abuse and stalking and the devastating effect it causes.

Nick’s dedication and tireless hard-work for the trust is expanding to further work across the country. Nick has been a Keynote Motivational Speaker, has spoken at a variety of conferences and training events nationwide. He has inspired many people with the story of how he gave a devastating experience a positive outcome, highlighting his passion for helping others. Recent projects have included helping launch the Black Country Stalking Support Service; delivering Working Without Fear a bespoke program designed to show employers the vital role they play regarding safeguarding their employees through training, education and raising awareness of the issues. He is also working with Exeter University on creating and delivering a program ’Football Onside’ talking violence and abuse in football and sport through bystander intervention.

Nick was a keynote speaker at a variety of events including ‘Beyond the Bruises’ conferences in London on the new domestic violence legislation and statutory guidance framework, Domestic Abuse Masterclass at Gloucestershire University; ‘Behind Closed Doors’ Domestic Abuse and Stalking Conference in Gloucester and Bristol.  He was a keynote speaker alongside Professor Evan Stark at Safer Poole’s conference on tackling coercive control and domestic abuse; Fylde Women’s Aid ‘Tough Love’; NHS safeguarding; Greenwich Adult Safeguarding Board; Hampton Trust and the Isle of White Council’s inaugural conference on violence against women and girls (VAWG).

Nick has spoken at many conferences and training events for a variety of statutory agencies including; National Police Chiefs’ Council single point of contact (SPOC’s) training; College of Policing; South Wales Police VAWG conference; Avon & Somerset Police MARAC conference; West Midlands Police Public Protection Unit as well as Lancashire, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire constabularies. He has also worked with the Crown Prosecution Service and delivered many stalking training sessions for the National Probation Service and for Paladin, the National Stalking Advocacy service.

Nick has appeared in a vast number of Media outlets including ITV’s ‘Tonight’ programme, and ‘This Morning’; Crime Investigation Channel’s ‘Britain’s Darkest Taboos’; Discovery ID Channel; Judge Rinder; BBC ‘Rip off Britain’ and BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’. He has also given countless interviews to national and local media.

To contact Nick, please telephone: 07572 610249, or email: nick@holliegazzard.org


What People Say About Nick

“Nick is an inspiration. Following his daughter, Hollie, being stalked and brutally murdered in 2014, Nick set up the Hollie Gazzard Trust to raise awareness and ensure that no other young person experiences domestic abuse and stalking. To this end Nick has delivered high impact sessions on our university accredited Independent Stalking Advocacy Caseworker training, ‘Behind Closed Doors’ events and ‘Beyond the Bruises’ training on the new coercive control legislation. Nick is a true light and a change agent who inspires others to learn the lessons and be better at their jobs and I feel privileged to know and work with him.” 

Laura Richards, Co-founder and Director of Paladin National Stalking Advocacy Service

“I first met Nick at a conference in London being run by Paladin National Stalking Advocacy Service. I was immediately struck by his story of Hollie and the impact this had on the family, friends and community at large. Nick and his very brave family have turned a tragedy into the most positive story they possibly could and through Nick’s work and the way he presents the audience will never forget Hollie. Hollie is their inspiration to help and support so many others. The Hollie Gazzard Trust has become a major influence in the violence against women sector in such a short time since the murder of Hollie and I have every confidence this is because of how strong Nick is as a professional, as a man and as a father.”

Shonagh Dillon, CEO Aurora New Dawn

“Out of tragedy positive things can happen; Domestic abuse resulted in the predictable death of Nick Gazzard’s young daughter Hollie in Gloucester in early 2014.  Nick sought to discover why Hollie died and use those answers to help others not only identify the various forms of domestic abuse but do something about it in their personal and professional lives. Although Nick and his family had every right to be angry and upset, with astonishing courage, he has used his personal experience to work with and change the very agencies that let his family down.  A personable man whose story will ask you to reflect on domestic abuse coupled with the personal and work based impact.”

Simon Atkinson  Former Detective Superintendent, Head of Public Protection and Investigations, Specialist Crime, Gloucestershire Constabulary

Working without fear at West Midlands Police Force Leadership Conference

‘Can I just reiterate and reinforce the thanks that you received today at the Force Leadership Conference for your time, thoughts and story. Having spent the remaining afternoon with my peers I have had a great deal of positive feedback about the presentation, the importance of the subject matter and the way you and Hollie make this so real.

I have done many presentations and sat through even more in this environment and it is rare that we get such a swell of positive feedback and support so thank you for your help in what I hope will be the start of a really successful and long standing campaign.’

Claire Bell, Detective Chief Superintendent, Head of Public Protection, West Midlands Police.