Hollie Guard

Hollie Guard is our free personal safety app.

This has been developed with victims of stalking, coercive control and domestic abuse in mind but has lots of functionality that can benefit anyone.

Do you feel uncomfortable leaving your home? Do you travel alone to and from work? Do your children travel to and from school alone or with their friends?

Having Hollie Guard on your phone can give three types of alert if you or a loved one experiences danger – personal, stealth and deterrent.

How to download Hollie Guard

To download Hollie Guard on to your or a loved one’s phone simply:

  • Go to www.hollieguard.com and register your personal details.
  • Go to your App store and download the Hollie Guard app.
  • Enter your registration details.
  • IMPORTANT: Enter your emergency contact or multiple contacts – please use someone you know who can react to your alert in an emergency. They will receive an SMS notification to highlight that you are in danger.
  • You are now ready to set up your personal alerts.
  • Please see the user guide below to activate each type of alert.
  • We take a proactive approach to your safety, and we therefore encourage you to turn on Hollie Guard BEFORE you are in a potentially dangerous situation – for example BEFORE walking home after a night out.
In the event of having to use the app, simply shake your phone. If you choose, an alarm will begin sounding which can include flashing lights to ward off a perpetrator. This will also send an alert to an emergency contact with exact location of where the alert has been placed. In addition, audio and video of the incident begins immediately recording which is stored in a cloud location, so even if the phone is stolen or disarmed, evidence is being collected.

Find out how to download the app and more on it’s functionality by clicking the User Guide to view the PDF and download.