Nick Gazzard Consulting Limited

A unique service delivering training workshops on Domestic Abuse, Coercive Control, Stalking and Bystander Intervention for businesses, schools, colleges, universities, agencies and professional entities. 


Nick Gazzard Consulting Limited

Nick Gazzard Consulting Limited (NGC) is a charitable trading arm of Hollie Gazzard Trust (HGT) working to create awareness of Domestic  Abuse, Coercive Control and Stalking, particularly in the workplace. It enables organisations to realise their responsibilities towards their employees and put essential measures in place to help those affected.

NGC began when Nick and his family were propelled into the spotlight following Hollie’s murder and he was regularly invited to speak at conferences, events and to the media. He has developed a variety of training packages and workshops for a variety of organisations, schools, Colleges and Universities and delivers at manyconferences around the UK.

This is all supported by the Domestic Homicide Review of Hollie’s murder.

Workshops and Programmes

Nick Gazzard has developed a number of training programmes and workshops including the topics of domestic abuse; stalking; coercive control; healthy relationships; lone working; safeguarding and bystander intervention.

These have been tailor made for varies sectors including:

  • Businesses
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Schools
  • Communities.

If you would like to find out more or book a training workshop, please contact Nick using the form below.


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Active Bystander Communities Pilot

Nick Gazzard has been working with Dr Rachel Fenton from the University of Exeter on rolling out a pilot of a programme called Active Bystander Intervention. This was delivered to three separate groups in Torquay and Exeter in conjunction with Devon County Council and...

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This morning we are pleased to issue a joint statement with domestic abuse charities and experts across the sector, explaining why it is so important we all take action if worried about someone's safety:

This was @NickGazzard talking about his beautiful daughter Hollie. The @HollieGazzardT does amazing work and we, like Pete, were so privileged to listen to Nick speak on behalf of Hollie and his family.

If you saw your neighbour beating their dog you’d call the police

If you saw your neighbours car being broken in to you’d call the police

If your hear abuse next door you need to call the police- it’s no different

Help us to help your neighbours

I am absolutely delighted to have been asked to be an ambassador for @HollieGazzardT and promote the @Hollie_Guard app. It’s free and sends a video and emergency message to your emergency contacts when you open it and shake it. Thanks for the article @BristolLive 👍

@HollieGazzardT @NickGazzard @TewkesburyRocks It's beautiful 🙂 Pebbles were dotted around the borough as part of #16daysofaction - a campaign we supported last year to promote the things companies can do to aid employees who endure domestic violence. It's great that the pebbles are still raising awareness after so long!

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If you're a lone worker HOLLIE GUARD is an essential app for you!

The MEETING alarm feature works in lock screen mode, ideal as a tool for lone workers and for discretion in a handbag or pocket.


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Claire's Law gives you the 'Right to Ask' If you have any worries that your or someone else's partner may have been violent or abusive in the past.

Knowledge is powerful don't be afraid to ask.

Find out more here:

#RighttoKnow #HollieGazzard

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